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Types of Valuation Reports

Reports comply with International Valuations standards Council [IVSC]




O/R/Fee estimate
  • This report contains a conclusion as to the value of the asset being valued; based upon the performance of limited procedures agreed upon by the appraiser and the client. The valuer will request the information required to conduct a valuation; perform limited corroboration and management interviews . The report includes analysis of products, industry, suppliers, customers, value drivers , risks and tax consequences. No other verification or corroboration of the information received is performed nor is any physical inspection of the assets or business conducted .
  • This report is used for buy and sell evaluations and independent valuation of a business interest, estate planning and insurance coverage .
  • Time to complete report: 2 week
  • Standards: IVCS
  • Report length: 20-50 Pages


O/R/Fee estimate
  • Provides a comprehensive report and valuation as to the value of shares , or an interest in a business . The review is includes analysis, verification and corroboration of relevant information from internal and external sources . This report provides the highest level of assurance and cost.
  • This report is often used in acquisitions or vendor exit or succession plans, shareholder /partner disputes, Estate duty , finance due diligence and divorce proceedings and  litigation support.
  • Time to complete report: 4 week
  • Standards: IVSC
  • Report length: 50-100 Pages